Who are we?
Ayotte Home Improvements is a fully licensed and insured family business that will create a safe, inviting and efficient home for you, your family and your friends. We are a company that is six years old, with the experience of 18 years of hard work, continuous learning and persistence.

What do we do?
A shorter list would be what we don’t do. The answer to that is leaving our customers behind with a half finished project or a product that they are unhappy living with. The owner will help you make an informed decision about the right products and design for your project which will give you the advantage of being part of each stage from beginning to end, and our crew will implement in a professional manner. We encourage you to ask questions and be involved in the projects; we want to make sure that you are as satisfied with your own home as we are with our homes. So, what do we do? We treat your home like our home and by putting ourselves in your shoes you can be assured that your project will not be overpriced, underdeveloped or have unattainable measures, guaranteed.

Why we do what we do?
Every person living in a home deserves to love what they live in. Every home deserves to have the chance to be as efficient as possible. Both of these tie together and create the feeling of love and comfort for your home that is performing well which in turn means will last years longer than a neglected home.

What can we do for you?
Take a tour of the site and find out!